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Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service exist for the collective benefit of all of our clients. We have implemented these rules as a measure to protect us from unwanted activities and in order to provide our clients with the most reliable and best overall hosting services and features possible. We ask that as a client for you to please respect and follow our Terms of Service.

The "Terms of Service" include the Spam Policy.

We do not have the resources to police all of our websites 24 hours a day, but if we do find that your website is in violation of our terms of service, we reserve the right to terminate your account without notice at our discretion. Clients who follow our simple policies will never encounter any problems with their service.

Please note: Austin Services reserves the right to refuse service to "anyone".

If after reading through our Terms of Service, and you need clarification on any part of the terms, please feel free to e-mail us so we can clear-up any questions you might have.

Prohibited Content/Use
1. Websites which have Adult Material of any sort, including links to adult websites are strictly prohibited. We define "adult material" as pornography, nudity and sex-related merchandising.
2. MP3 files are strictly forbidden from our servers. There are no exceptions made to this rule as it exists to protect ourselves from any copyright infringement problems.
3. Websites promoting illegal activities, including, but not limited to, warez, hacking, serial numbers, cracks, or information which violates any local, state, federal, or U.S. export restriction laws.
4. Any processes executed which run in the background from the command line, including IRC Bots. Because of increased controversy surrounding Emulators/Roms, we do not allow any websites pertaining to Emulators/Roms. These issues usually have to do with copyright violations and we prohibit any websites distributing Emulators or Roms.
5. Websites whose primary purpose is file distribution or mirroring another website. Links to adult websites, MP3 sites, warez sites, or hacking websites or any websites that promote illegal activity.
6. Sending unsolicited e-mail, or "Spam" through our mail servers. This includes promoting a website hosted with us through unsolicited e-mail, regardless of whether or not the unsolicited e-mail is sent through our mail servers or not. This is important. When you "Spam" on the internet, your IP address for the website can be blocked by other ISP's. What this does is prevent many customers on the same server to not be able to send email to other clients, even though they are not responsible for spamming.

Websites found in violation of this policy are subject account termination without notice.

Copyright Material
1. Materials distributed on your website cannot infringe upon another groups copyrights. This especially includes distributing copyright software, or "warez", also know as pirated software, MP3 files which usually consist of copyrighted music, copyrighted RealAudio, and Emulators/ROMs. Please ensure that your website consists of your own work and none of the contents on your website do not infringe upon anyone else's copyrights.
2. The best policy is good judgment. Do not copy anyone else's images unless free of copyrights, distribute MP3 files, pirated software or copyrighted RealAudio.

Websites found in violation of this policy are subject account termination without notice.

Excessive CPU Run Time/RAM Usage With the growing popularity of CGI scripts, problems arise with CGI scripts which consume too much CPU run time and/or RAM. This is true regardless of the amount of system resources.

While CGI scripts can create dynamic features on your website, they can also have a detrimental effect on system performance. Poorly written CGI scripts can have infinite loops or other problems which causes them to run non-stop or use as much RAM as possible. It is important that you obtain CGI scripts from these popular free CGI script archives with care. Make sure your code is efficient and operates normally.

We will have no problem with any free CGI scripts obtained from the following archives:

Matt's Script Archive


Dream Catcher's Scripts

Please note the next section before downloading "any" scripts found on these archives.

We cannot speak for any other free archives. It is your responsibility to ensure all CGI scripts operate efficiently, so be careful of what free CGI scripts you run on your site!

Under circumstances where a script is using as much of the CPU and RAM available, we will disable the program to prevent this from having an adverse effect on the server. If these incidences continue, we will be forced to terminate your account.

Additionally, the following types of CGI scripts are prohibited:

CGI scripts which upload files from the web to your account. These scripts can be potential security problems.

CGI scripts which serve as applications because they are system resource problems, having to refresh every few seconds for each client in the chat room. Java chat rooms which run in the client browser are permitted.

Websites found in violation of this policy are subject account termination without notice.


Payment terms are set upon signup. ( monthly, quarterly, annually ) These terms can be changed later if you desire.

Austin Services reserves the right to increase prices on a annual basis to cover the cost of additional services. As a general rule, price increases are only passed onto "new" clients, and not existing clients. However, Austin Services reserves the right to increase prices for any account with 30 days notice.

If for some reason, hosting cannot be provided by Austin Services for whatever reason, accounts will be credited for the remainder of unused hosting.

Setup charges are NON-refundable, under any circumstances.

If you have further questions, please feel free to write and ask.
E-mail Us.

Privacy Statement: Austin Services does not and will not provide your personal information to third parties, unless a technical issue arises where your information would be required to provide a solution. If a legal situation arises, and your information is requested by a legal authority, your information will be divulged. In all cases, you will be notified.

Thank you for reading through our terms of service and for your cooperation.


Frank & Judy Austin
Austin Services